The Museum of Policing in Cheshire



FORCE:  Cheshire Constabulary.


DATE APPOINTED:  24th July, 1897.


DATE OF LEAVING:  21st August, 1924.

REASON FOR LEAVING:  Retired on pension.

AGE ON DISCHARGE:  53 years, 6 months and 6 days.

TOTAL LENGTH OF SERVICE:  27 years, 25 days.

INITIAL POSTING:  Headquarters Reserve Division, Chester (In Training)

OTHER POSTINGS:  1st November 1897 New Brighton, Wirral Division. 30th September 1898 West Kirby, Wirral Division.  2nd February 1901 Liscard, Wirral Division. 26th April 1903 Poulton, Wirral Division. 17th October 1908 Seacombe, Wirral Division. 1st August 1910 Thornton Hough, South Wirral, 13th January 1914 Bromborough Pool, Wirral Division. 1st February 1917 Middlewich, Northwich Division. 3rd November 1919 Halton, Runcorn Division.



5th September 1911 Chief Constables Commendation, Vigilance while on night duty at Brimstage on 24th August 1911 resulting in the arrest of Thomas Smith for stealing a bicycle and recovering the stolen property

2nd August 1913 Chief Constables Commendation, for keen observation on night duty resulting in the arrest of Frederick Ellendale for attempting to commit a burglary at 1am 17th June 1913.

 1st July 1918 Long Service and Good Conduct, Merit Badge and 2d per day additional pay.

MISCONDUCT REPORTS:  Between 29th September and 12 October 1904 Disobeying General Order 257/1890 by taking in a lodger at his Station, without the Chief Constables sanction, Fined 5/- by the Chief Constable.

7th November 1908 (1) Being absent from his Conference Point "Reform Stores" Seacombe at 12.30am (2) Not being properly equipped for night duty, Fined 10/- by Chief Constable.

A ‘Conference Point’ is a given location on the officers beat where his Sergeant would visit him several times during the officer’s shift, the Sergeant would also endorse the officer’s notebook to that effect.


OTHER MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION:  Previous Occupation Labourer. Religion Protestant, height 5' 9", eyes grey, hair dark brown, complexion fresh.  28th July 1924 Testimonials, Certificate of Service with character marked as "Exemplary" sent to him.

Weekly Pay. 24th July 1897 25/1d, 1st August 1898 26/3d, 1st August 1899 26/10d, 1st August 1900 28/-, 1st August 1902 29/2d, 1st August 1904 30/4d, 24th July 1909 31/6d. 1st April 1912 33/3d, 1st July 1915 37/4d, 24th July 1917 38/6d, 1st July 1918 39/8d, 30th September 1918 45/6d, 10th November 1918 54/2d. 1st April 1919 95/-.


Retired on annual pension of. £165.4s.7d.

Born.  15th February 1871 Pickmere, Knutsford, Cheshire. (Baptised 7th February 1872 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Knutsford, Cheshire son of Samuel and Mary Woodward)

Died. Wirral 9th May 1962 aged 91 years 2 months and 23 days.

Marriage Record

Name. Thomas WOODWARD

Occupation. Police Constable.

Age. 30 years

Condition. Bachelor.

Place of residence at Marriage. 1 Elder Grove, West Kirkby. Wirral.

Date of Marriage. 6th February 1901. (Permission granted to marry by Chief Constable given 17th January 1901)

Place Married. St. Michael’s Parish Church, Wavertree, Liverpool

Fathers Name. Samuel WOODWARD

Fathers Occupation. Market Gardener.


Spouse. Margaret JUMP.

Occupation. Nil

Age. 24 years.

Condition. Spinster.

Area of residence. 17 Milnthorpe Street, Garston, Liverpool.

Fathers Name. James JUMP.

Fathers Occupation. Labourer


NB:  Above details extracted from information held by the Museum Of Policing In Cheshire and compiled by Will Brown, Museum Researcher.

 August, 2017.